Works In Progress and Pregnant Cravings

John Wayne

“Reading how much you enjoy making your blankets, has made me want to pick mine back up again. I think when you’re pregnant and an artist you’re not only influenced by food cravings, but by artistic cravings as well.”

This is an epiphany I had while emailing a woman who authors a crochet blog. Recently, I’ve been trying to get my work featured/promoted on a crochet blog. I think the crocheting community would really appreciate my lace and doily inspired dishes.

Having said that, flash forward two weeks and Mary, from Crocheting The Day Away was kind enough to feature my shop on her blog. I love her blog which you can read here… http://www.crochetingthedayaway.blogspot.com She wrote about her works in progress and how she’s been trying to finish them. I too have been trying to use my summer to finish all the works in progress that build up during the school year. The photo above is one of my WIP’s. It’s taken me a long time to get as far as I have because I only work on it sporadically, and then for only a few minutes at a time. However, this summer  I’m pleased to say I’ve made significant headway with it. Anyone know who is in the portrait?!

I swore at the beginning of the summer that I would not begin a new project until I had completed my list of WIP’s and I’ve stuck to that pretty well with one exception. Etsy. I guess you could say Etsy was already a work in progress from a couple years ago, but it was on the back burner compared to the paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other small crafty  things. However, financially I needed to take advantage of the time I have in the summer to really make Etsy work. In tandem with that, my application for the LaFayette Apple Festival was accepted and now I have reason to make tons and tons more ceramic dishes. So here is my guilt free reason to indulge in my ceramic love further. The only downside is that some of my works in progress may be slowed down a bit. Perhaps I will do like Mary and make Wednesdays a WIP day. I should try and make time every Wednesday to work on one of those projects.

So on the note of productivity I will leave with a final thanks to Mary, for featuring me on her blog, as well as motivating me and I will get to work! Thanks Mary!


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