Making Lemonade From My Couch

Believe it or not, that title is literal. I’ve been ordered to drink bottle after bottle of water. I am a slave to the bottle. I used to love water and I suppose I still do, but I needed a change and being the pregnant lady I am, I’ve craved lemonade. Thanks to the wonders of Mio, I can make lemonade out of my bed rest, right from my couch.

I’ve made “lemonade” in other ways as well. It is possible to be productive from your couch, I just have to put aside those pity party thoughts and focus on being creative in the avenues I take to complete my goals. Not to mention my husband has been wonderful in assisting me in whatever I need. I’m very lucky to have him by my side. In addition, I am so grateful for my iPad and phone, the combination of those two technologies has allowed me to accomplish so much! Yesterday, I finished my lesson plans for my substitute for school and sent them via my phone. Two great things with that. One, they found me an art certified sub! Previously there had been contemplation about using someone from technology or maintenance because of their abilities to use an acetylene torch…clearly those were good ideas. Then at the last minute, a new art certified sub popped into the picture to save the day. She sounds wonderful and I’m so happy! Second, the plans are now complete and off my back. No more stress from school until after my maternity leave is over!

I mentioned the other day that I was working on a mobile for my yet to arrive daughter. She’s still hanging in there (no more early labor scares) and I’m grateful for every day she has to continue growing. As I grow older I know my patience grows as well, but somedays it’s a battle. I sincerely hope she is born with more patience than I, and that I can foster that in her nature as she grows. I completed the mobile I spoke of for her yesterday and I’m delighted with how it came out. The photos I took do not do it justice, but maybe when the baby’s room is all assembled, I’ll be able to get a better picture. I used pearls from my husband’s grandmother’s antique shop, ribbon from my wedding, buttons from my grandmother, fishing line from my father’s long forgotten tackle box, and wire and scrapbook paper that I’ve had forever. It’s a mobile with a little bit of history. When I made the first butterfly my niece couldn’t keep her eyes off it. I hope my daughter is someday just as memorized. A friend of mine spoke about how she made her daughter a mobile and the wonder she felt as her daughter’s eyes developed and noticed the mobile for the first time. I always feel such pride when someone else admires something I’ve created. I can only imagine the feeling one might have when it was created with such love and then admired by one’s new child.



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