Lafeyette Apple Festival


After much preparation and a long weekend, the Apple Festival is over and was a huge success! This was my first big show selling my ceramic lace dishes. I want to thank any new readers now checking out my blog from the Apple Fest. I handed out hundreds of business cards and actually ran out on day one! Fortunately, my father brought me a fresh supply when he visited on day two. Thanks dad!

I met many wonderful people and enjoyed the camaraderie of the other vendors. Being my first festival I thought I was prepared, but in reality there was lots to learn. I am grateful to several surrounding vendors that helped me out. I was accompanied by my one month old daughter, husband, and mother. Without them the weekend would have been an entirely different experience. I enjoyed their company immensely; I think we make a pretty good team. Several other members of my family weathered the two hour long traffic jam on the hill to see me and several “died” trying in the wait. Thank you, it meant a lot to me 🙂

And the customers. I met so many wonderful people! Being able to share the story of how my lace dishes came to be, and having people listen and respond with interest was awesome. I spoke of my grandmother all weekend and shared her memory with others who had similar stories to share. I knew lace doilies were a huge part of family history, but never dreamed that so many people felt as passionate about and cherished those family treasures as much as I.

As a result I have numerous custom orders and have already received several doilies in the mail. The doilies were made by the grandmother’s of those that sent them and I will be turning them into custom dishes for their present caretakers. I have been told they will be shared with other members of the family as Christmas gifts. I am so happy to share and preserve these pieces of family history. And I can’t wait to see the varying patterns, doilies are so beautiful and under appreciated outside of a sentimental standpoint. By turning them into ceramic dishes, they’re given “new life” and preserved for a new era. (Note: the doilies are not harmed and the originals will be returned to their owners when the dishes are complete.)

We were so busy at Apple Festival we hardly had time to walk around and explore. I didn’t leave our booth until halfway through day two! I saw several family friends who were also vending on our walk and introduced them to my new daughter. It’s heartwarming to see the smiles she brings out in people. I also met another young ceramic artist who had lovely mugs with animal figures on them! She also made pendants for necklaces. I fell in love with this green owl and took it home with me! My husband found a vendor that makes heating and cooling corn bags. He bought a uniquely designed one with the Giants on it. And our little beauty walked away with a cool headband and hair bow. Daddy put it on and asked how much and the vendor thought she looked so cute she just gave it to her! We all, daughter aside, enjoyed AMAZING food! The apple fritters were only a single dollar…. They were sooooooo gooooooood.


All in all I’m looking forward to next year and appreciate all the positive feedback that I recieved. Next big hurdle is back to work tomorrow; maternity leave is over.

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