Comfort in color and coffee.

Its been cold here this week, so cold that school has delayed and or closed every day this week. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Too cold for school and too cold to load a kiln. I have a shelf full of stuff ready to fire. Perfect weather for hot chocolate and (decaf) coffee. On a side note, have I mentioned before that me having one sip of mountain dew before 4pm was enough to keep my daughter up almost literally the whole night? So I drink decaf on the occasion that I crave the comfort of a hot beverage.

I have several plants that sit on my breakfast bar so while making these hot beverages this week, I’ve looked at them often. Their greenery is another comfort to me, especially considering how they weather through the muted sunlight and inconsistent watering. Seeing these plants reminds me of my Granny, who for the first time, is away for the winter. She’s always there when we need her, which is often, and now I miss her terribly. I hope she knows how important she is.

Anyway, seeing these plants makes me think of her and I’ve strayed from my initial point. Two of these plants were from Granny and they’ve grown exponentially. The plant in the middle is a lone stalk thriving in the original tiny boot planter it came in. Usually when I transplant a potted plant, I jinx its happy growth, so I’ve been loathe to move it. I find it almost comical how well its done in this tiny planter which Granny told me needed to be replaced when she gave it to me. And now, the thing I’ve been marveling over is the tiny seedling that has started to sprout in this same little planter. I’ve watched it grow at first thinking it was a weed and now clear that its a second stalk of the same plant. As I walk by it each day, its growth, its vital greenness, comforts me and I think it may be time to find it a new home. I’m scared to move it though. To be the cause of its demise would pain me in ways that sound silly to say out loud. But somehow, sharing it in this way makes it easier to voice.

Its funny the little things that I feel love for. These little things make up small moments of happiness. They are pockets of treasures to get me through the day. Some days I’m not consciously thinking of them, but somewhere in my mind they must be there, feeding me through bleak moments.

This little plant is one of those things as is the brown and cream glazed crock beside it that holds our coffee. Again, it may seem silly but I smile every time I scoop coffee from it. Its beautiful and I love having a special place for our coffee. That’s where it goes. Its not a manufactured container, it was handmade by someone somewhere, and is the perfect size for what I need. It makes my kitchen feel more homey to me. The simple pleasures in life get us by. What are your little comforts?

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