My time in the morning. Cramming Art

My time in the morning on the weekends is precious. I have suddenly come up with the comparison to the college student cramming before an exam.

I try very hard not to sleep in on the weekends and vacation anymore. I get up for the baby’s 5 o’clock feeding and stay up when the world around me goes back to sleep. This is my time. I get more done in this time than any other. It almost feels like a college student cramming before an exam because I am trying to pack as much into this time as possible. Once I’m out of bed, I don’t stop. Why can’t I be this productive throughout the day? Tasks that “normally” should take 15 minutes get spread out over two hours during the day. I think I finally understand the importance of uninterrupted work time. I finally understand those moms that say “I just need an hour.” 

Anyway, this is generally my art time. I glaze, I load a kiln, I assemble bases on my dishes, tend to etsy, clean up my battle station, etc. Sometimes if I’m not dog tired falling alseep on the couch nursing, I can get more things done after the baby goes to bed at night. Sometimes. Other times, the baby has her own ideas about the concept of bedtime. Bedtime? What is that anyway?

Its been a busy time for me lately. There has been a lot of major things happening. I’d like to share them all, but it’d be too much for one blog session. I wake up daily intending to post but then I get so focused on actually doing things instead of writing about them. Its hard to slow down when you’re on a timer.

When I woke up today this was not the entry I was planning on writing but this is what flowed so I guess this is what it will be. I hope you all have a great Sunday!Image

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