Nature is my sketchbook

SavedPicture-2014315224818.jpgSavedPicture-2014315161357.jpgI look at this piece of bark nestled in the trees every day as I get into my car to go to work and again when I get out of my car coming home. Someday this piece of bark will become a mug. Often times I’ll jot my ideas down in a sketchbook so I don’t forget. Too many times when inspiration hits I am unable to see to it right away, so the sketchbook is a tangible memory. In this case though, nature is my sketchbook. This bark is just calling my name. Its like an itch I can’t scratch and I know there is no way I will forget. Its front and center every morning in my view.

You can see a picture and hear more about my tree bark mugs here. https://wordaboutherart.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/pregnant-limbo/

Now that winter is on its final leg, there have been pockets of warmth causing mini thaws. In those pockets things are uncovered and discovered and what is revealed is another instance where nature is my sketchbook. As little burdocks are exposed through the snow I’m inspired. Last year I incorporated twine and leaves into my pottery. I was fascinated by their delicacy and drawn by the challenge of emulating such dainty forms and texture. I intend to add burdocks to my pottery by coating them with slip when the weather permits in the spring. I am excited about recreating the spines and tiny features of the burdocks. Its funny, they’re normally a nuisance, but this year I am anxiously awaiting their bristly arrival.

Now who’s ready for spring?!

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