Moment Living

It’s not writers block that has kept me away but an over abundance of participating in life. Do you ever get so wrapped up in the moment that you forget the camera you brought on your adventure and neglect to take a picture? That’s me lately. I’m constantly thinking of all this cool stuff I have to share via blog entry but haven’t stopped long enough to sit and write. Every time I get the urge to write I divert that half hour to art making or baby bath time or something. I’m moment living.

Here’s an incomplete account of what I’ve been up to lately.

One of my bucket list items has been to be a part of the Hindu Festival of Colors or Holi, in India. When I learned there was a 5k run modeled after this spring festival, I was all about it. It’s called Color Me Rad and rad it was. Messy and colorful. My husband and I “ran” and it was amazing. We were a walking rainbow, shifting from color to color everyone was so hyped up. It was an artist’s dream, haha.


Last year I started a variety of projects as examples for my students. One such project was a clay sculpture of a coy dog turned into a watering can . I had it fired, but not glazed. Recently, I experimented with some glazing on it and after two firings I’m calling it done.



Another such project was the vase I previously posted about on here. Tonight, I hope to glaze this piece. I’ve been pondering the glazing for a while, thinking of greens, browns and creams. Today I was inspired by one of my students who experimented with layering a couple unexpected colors and I LOVED the resulting look. I’m going to play around with similar coloring.


My quest to finish my unfinished projects was temporarily delayed when I had to make a new example for my Studio Art kids printmaking assignment. They’re doing a linoleum block carving of mandalas. We researched mandalas and they designed their own. Here is my example. Followed by a couple of theirs. They started printing this week and they look so cool. I’m impressed this year. This is the best my students have done during the printmaking unit. I will definitely be using this lesson again next year.





Another project I started and finished recently was a small ceramic mural for my nephew’s nursery. My brother grew up loving trains and had a framed print of one in his childhood bedroom. This print now hangs in his son’s bedroom and I thought I would build off of that by creating this.


In the meantime I finished a large custom order of six ceramic lace dishes which is awaiting pick up. Three of which were huge! It’s taken me a while so I’ve thrown in an extra of a small angel doily she had.. These dishes were designed from the woman’s family doilies and intended as Christmas gifts this year. I hope she will be happy with them.



And lastly, (of note) I taught a free ceramics workshop at school for my colleagues. I have heard many times from them, “oh I wish I could do that”, “I always wanted to learn”, etc. With all the new craziness and pressure from state testing and new teacher evaluations I wanted to help alleviate some of the stress. So I taught six other teachers how to throw on the wheel. It was so much fun to teach adults and work with my peers. They literally skipped into my room at the start. All with giddy smiles. They were so creative too.


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