AppleFest and Wedding Presents 2014

Apple Festival went amazing this year. It was awesome to see people who bought dishes last year come back and talk about what they did with them and how much they love them. A couple customers sold dishes FOR me with their praise. They answered questions from other customers before I could! A few new customers wow’ed me with their ideas for custom orders and I now have the pleasure of creating a custom dish from a wedding dress!

One woman rushed up to our table saying “You’re here! I found you”. She was so excited, I was instantly flattered and taken aback. She said that we had talked last year about a custom dish, she had taken my card, went home, found the lace, went to contact me… Lost my card. She waited ALL year for Apple Festival and searched every tent in hopes of finding me again this year. She told me what had happened and said that she wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice and had brought her lace with her. She showed me a rectangular piece of French lace and said that this was the only remaining piece of her mother’s wedding dress. She wanted me to make a dish for each of her three sisters from this lace. How amazingly cool and spectacularly special is that!?!? I am so honored and excited!

Several people mentioned me making dishes from wedding dresses over the weekend. I would be thrilled to do this for more people. One couple talked about maybe having me make small dishes as wedding favors out of the lace from the brides dress. I suggested to another “mother of the bride” that a dish like that might make a good first anniversary gift. I soooooo want to do this for people.

Another customer and I played around with various arrangements of dishes for a while, building a festive theme for her dining room table. It was so much fun. She even sent me pictures of her arrangement when she got home!

I have so many ideas for next year already. I can’t wait to get started. It was a great weekend and once again I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with so many wonderful people.

My morale booster! Couldn’t do this without him.


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2 thoughts on “AppleFest and Wedding Presents 2014

  1. What a great vending experience! I love the idea for wedding dresses. How beautiful. 🙂

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