Cache of Unpublished Entries Because Now I’m a Mom of Two

Anyone else have a cache of unpublished blog entries?  I have started several with the best of intentions but haven’t been able to come back to them. By the time I do get to come back to them, I’m disconnected from the thought or emotion or so much time has past that the event in discussion is irrelevant. Then I have guilt over not finishing them and it keeps me from starting another.

And here I am I think at least a year later… 

I now have two lovely little daughters and exactly no free time. I have done next to nothing with my pottery, but I’m trying to get back to it. I miss it dearly. Who knew two kids would be so much more work than one!?

I had done very little artistically for a long time and I finally broke my fast with a painting I did at work. I think it’s good for the kids to see me practice what I teach. I have to keep my own skills in shape to better teach others. Oh Betsy, I wish you felt the same. 

I have this picture of my baby laughing. She’s positively beaming and I can’t help but smile every time I see it. This is what I decided to paint.

Since I didn’t have much time and I didn’t want this painting to become another abandoned work in progress, I decided to free myself from working in my normal fashion. I strive for realism and agonize over color accuracy but this time I went for a Van Gogh effect, letting my brush strokes show through and not be concerned with fine details. Before Christmas my school had a door decorating contest. As an art teacher I felt obligated to represent! One of the categories was “best content related door.” I found an idea on Pinterest I liked and recreated it. It was very textural and I loved how it came out. I think that’s what drove me to make the choices I did with this new painting.

So I don’t think it’s my best painting ever but I am happy with it, it’s finished, and most importantly I felt a little peace return to my heart. It was very relaxing, gratifying and soothing not just in the act of painting, but the completion. I needed that.


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